Explorations in Randomness

The concept of random number generation has interested me for quite some time, especially because it's so difficult to truly accomplish. However, when it comes to creating something beautiful, you need pattern. The reason we tend to enjoy looking at something is because of a pleasant equilibrium between expectation and novelty. So I set out to explore ways to harness randomness without sacrificing visual appeal and balance. 

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Why I Broke Up with jQuery

jQuery is like your cool older first boyfriend who you pretend is a good decision even though he doesn't understand your taste in movies and is jealous of your guy friends. Cut to six months later and you're still together, because honestly what's the alternative, pure JS and CSS? Nah, fuck that. You want fancy and convenient.

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Async with ES6 Generators

Confession: I don't like writing about code. On a scale of being forced to watch musical theater to reincarnated David Bowie telling me I have cool style, writing about code is like a three. I also don't care much to read about it, but would be absolute shit at my job if I didn't. As such, when I come across something that improves my workflow, I feel mildly obligated to give back to the community from which I take so much. Hence, this post about using ES6 generator functions to handle asynchronous code in a synchronous fashion.

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