Why I Broke Up with jQuery

jQuery is like your cool older first boyfriend who you pretend is a good decision even though he doesn't understand your taste in movies and is jealous of your guy friends. Cut to six months later and you're still together, because honestly what's the alternative, pure JS and CSS? Nah, fuck that. You want fancy and convenient.

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How to Style Hack Your Squarespace Site (for Non-Coders)

If you don't know how to write frontend code but still get thoroughly nitpicky when it comes to how your website looks, this is the post for you. In order to change the way your site looks beyond what's offered in the Style Editor, you have to use CSS. This an acronym for Cascading Style Sheets, in case you were wondering. CSS controls things like fonts, colors, dimensions, even what happens when you hover over something with your mouse.

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